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The next London Pagan Pride Day will be held on Saturday, September 9, 2017 in Gibbon's Park, London, Ontario. The festival will be held at the pavilion, as shown in the map below.  The closest parking lot is the Victoria Street lot.



Directions to Gibbon's Park

If driving / cycling / walking, take Richmond Street to Victoria Street.  Go west on Victoria to the end of the street.  The parking lot will be on the left next to the Montessori school.

If taking London Transit, take route 6 or 13 to Richmond & Victoria.  Walk down Victoria and enter at the parking lot at the end of the street on the left, approximately 1km.

Directions within Gibbon's Park

Gibbon's Park is quite large and there are three parking lots and several other means of entering the park.  The map above shows the exact location where Pagan Pride Day will be. 

If you are entering from the Victoria Street parking lot, walk west on the path that leads towards the pavillion, approximately 160m. 

If you enter from the Gibbon's Place parking lot, walk east along the fence line approximately 470m..

From the Grosvenor Street parking lot, walk due west along the river 400m until you reach the facilities then walk north-west towards the pavillion for 120m.


First time at London Pagan Pride Day?

Pagan Pride Day aims to be a fun-filled day for the entire Pagan family, an opportunity to meet fellow local Pagans, support local Pagan business owners, provide charity to the community, and educate the public about Paganism. 

Want to know what to expect?

Food Bank Donations

One of the main goals of Pagan Pride Day is charity.  We ask all participants to bring a donation of non-perishable food items for the London Food Bank.


Pagan Pride Day will have a number of vendors offering Pagan-oriented excellent wares and services.  These vendors help support PPD so please take some time to see what they have to offer.

Community Info Booth

PPD has a community booth with information about Pagan Pride Day as well as brochures for local Pagan groups and services.

Family Area

PPD has a family area with lots of crafts and other activities for wee Pagans.  Please note, this area is not supervised and is not a babysitting service, and we ask that you stay with your child/children while in the Kids' Zone.


We aim to offer a variety of Pagan rituals celebrating the harvest at PPD.  Please join in, even if you aren't sure of what to expect -- the more participants the merrier!


We offer several workshops on various Pagan-related topics throughout the day.  Please attend!


We are proud to offer some excellent performances by local Pagan and Pagan-friendly entertainers.  Please enjoy!  These entertainers perform on a volunteer basis and are not paid for their time, so please support them if they are busking or offering CDs for sale!

Warrior Games

A tradition since the second London Pagan Pride Day, the Warrior Games are held in honour of the Celtic God Lugh and are a fun-filled time for everyone.  Compete in tests of strength and skill, and win awards and prizes!

Food & Drink

We encourage visitors to pack a picnic for the day.  We will be offering bottles of water for a nominal donations, as well as a "harvest cooler" where visitors can drop off fresh snacks to share.


Pagan Pride Day 2017 Agenda

This is a tentative schedule and subject to change.


 RitualsWorkshops Entertainment
 12:00     Opening Ritual    


 1:00       Warrior Games
 2:30   Wicca Talk  
 3:00   Kemetic Talk  
 3:30   Druid Talk  

Raven Black



Closing Ritual &

Drum Circle


Workshops 2017

For 2017, London Pagan Pride Day will be doing something different for workshops. Rather than having lecture-style workshops, we are going to encourage informal discussions amongst like-minded Pagans who are interested in a particular Pagan path. Each discussion will be facilitated by a practicioner of the particular path, and will be a great way to meet others who are interested in the same path as you.

Paths scheduled for discussion include:

  • Wicca & Pagan Witchcraft
  • Kemeticism & Egyptian Paganism
  • Druidry & Celtic Paganism

You won't want to miss this opportunity to connect with your community!




Entertainment for 2017


Raven Black

Raven Black's members are Melissa & Shawn.

Independant and Intriguing, comes a poet and a minstrel Raven Black.  Melissa been playing and composing music since 1997. She’s previously played in many cover bands from 1997 to 2002. In 2003 she moved to London and found a kindred spirit since then she continues to play at various venues with Shawn as Raven Black. Their influences are folk, punk and blues inspired. They play with all of her body and soul! Her PASSIONS echo throughout thier songs with vocable chant and soothing melodies. She plays music with a purpose! In late summer of 2008 they released a demo that has sold over 1000 copies. Now in 2011 May 1st they released a full length album titled "DO YOU HEAR WHAT I HEAR?" with title track from the begiining; the album is haunting and its music that makes you feel and think! 


Warrior Games

Our traditional Warrior Games return for 2017.  Honour the Gods by participating in contests of skill and win great prizes!





The following vendors will be at London Pagan Pride Day 2017.  

  • Arahu Originals : Original handcrafted jewelry
  • Artesian Goddess : Hand made one of a kind cloaks, stained glass, jewellery
  • Beaux Magique : Altar, Ceremony, Room & Body Sprays; Anointing, Condition, & Perfume Oils & Blends; Body Powders
  • Chains of Valhalla : Chain Mail Jewelry and Armour
  • Grey Hedge : Ritual tools,bath products, dried herbs, dream catchers, jewlery/pendants, runes.
  • Gypsy Scents : Hand made natural skin care products
  • NamasteFreund : Handmade handfasting cords, head dresses, wands, bookmarks, pens, journals
  • Privateer : Pagan themed European Pandora bracelets
  • The Herbwitch of Kingsville : Handmade herbal products
  • The Raven's Rune : Handmade leather, candle, incence, and other resale Pagan items
  • Withershins : lanterns, carved wooden boxes, tarot cards, tapestries, sarongs, chalices, cauldrons, velvet bags, journals, smudge wands, jewellery