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Entertainment for 2017


Raven Black

Raven Black's members are Melissa & Shawn.

Independant and Intriguing, comes a poet and a minstrel Raven Black.  Melissa been playing and composing music since 1997. She’s previously played in many cover bands from 1997 to 2002. In 2003 she moved to London and found a kindred spirit since then she continues to play at various venues with Shawn as Raven Black. Their influences are folk, punk and blues inspired. They play with all of her body and soul! Her PASSIONS echo throughout thier songs with vocable chant and soothing melodies. She plays music with a purpose! In late summer of 2008 they released a demo that has sold over 1000 copies. Now in 2011 May 1st they released a full length album titled "DO YOU HEAR WHAT I HEAR?" with title track from the begiining; the album is haunting and its music that makes you feel and think! 


Warrior Games

Our traditional Warrior Games return for 2017.  Honour the Gods by participating in contests of skill and win great prizes!